Gabriel Iglesias, the notorious comedian who once weighed 437lbs has surprisingly, taken the situation under control and has reportedly lost over 100lbs- now that’s a perfect news!

The stand-up comic who is best known as Fluffy is struggling too harder to overcome his fat image and is going to extreme lengths to shed down the excess poundage.

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As per the reports, the Tobias of Magic Mike XXL has managed to shake off 118lbs off his 5.8 inches frame, which is indeed, a remarkable achievement.

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However, his struggles are not over yet, the comedian aims to shape up more and more to live, and feel healthy.


Gabriel loves his body unapologetically. Never had he felt the need to reduce his waistline and look different.

When asked pertaining to the factor that motivated him for a healthy weight, the comedian replied that he is shaping up as an attempt to stay healthy and not to grab attention for looks.

Gabriel IglesiasHad his intention was to fetch attention, his gigantic appearance was better for that. However, his solo purpose was and is to live healthy, and nothing more.

But the major turning point for Gabriel was when a doctor alarmed him about his growing risks. Has anyone tried PhenQ

The doctor warned him that the comedian may not be able to live for more than two years, if he takes no immediate measures to restore health.

Of course, welcoming your day with a shooting sugar level is not cool, and you cannot ignore it for long.

Life is never smooth for a diabetic patient, particularly when he or she is least concerned about heath. On top of that, Gabriel was obese.

All these conditions were adding up and creating a great toll on his health, but thankfully, he decided to be lighter and hence, followed Gabriel Iglesias weight loss!


Age: 41 years.
Height: 5.8 inches.
Weight before transformation: 437lbs.
Weigh loss: 118lbs.


Gabriel Iglesias with his girlfriend Claudia ValdezAs per the 41 years old, his girlfriend has a great contribution in his transformation. It was her who pushed him to consider weight management, and directed him to a healthy track.

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Gabriel and his girlfriend would go out dining together, and would overindulge many a time. But at one point, she commanded him to shape up as she wanted him to live longer and be by her side for long.

Since his girlfriend’s weight was also increasing with his company, she hired a professional trainer who later helped Gabriel with his weight loss voyage.

The comedian thoroughly credits his better half for being such an inspiration and motivation to live positive.


A reduction of 118lbs was a milestone for Gabriel, who believes it was never too easy going this lighter. The worst part for him was working out. Since he was too large, training his body was a mere challenge for him.

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At times, he became frustrated and even thought of quitting several times. But the fear of dying premature kept him going in the gym!

Because of his large size, the comedian could not perform cardio smoothly. Sprinting was difficult for him and would sore his knees. Thus, he followed DDP yoga as Gabriel Iglesias workout.

Even though, it required least balancing and flexibility, the chubby beau of Claudia Valdez faced difficulty in getting used to of it.

Coming onto Gabriel Iglesias diet, the comedian could not commit to home-made, healthy food owing of his traveling commitments. Unfortunately, he has to feed on fast foods, but then he ensures to skip unhealthy items and eat what’s okay for him.

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For example, he removes bread from the grilled chicken sandwich and enjoys chicken without the bread. 

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Besides, he is fond of eating Chipotle and couldn’t resist his temptations for it. He also likes to have triple chicken, but then again, fluffy removes all the items that can hamper his progress and adds what’s favorable for him.

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Apart from making wise food choices and increasing his physical activities, Gabriel has reduced his alcohol consumption to a very considerable point. In fact, saying this would not be wrong that he drinks occasionally now.


Gabriel’s efforts towards a healthy life are finally paying off. He seems in a much better state now, and is still on the go to lose some more.

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Catch up on his latest updates through his Twitter and Instagram account and don’t forget to watch Gabriel Iglesias before and after photos for some fitness motivation!